Welcome to Biljum Translations

After studying Dutch and English at the University of Minnesota, I moved to the Netherlands in 1999 to be with my Dutch fiancé. While living there, I continued to study Dutch and worked as a freelance technical editor. In late 2000, my husband and I decided to move to the U.S., where I worked in the publishing industry and earned a master’s degree in Library and Information Science. Although I enjoyed working as a reference librarian, I decided to pursue translation professionally as a freelance Dutch-to-English translator in 2006.

With a passion for excellence in written communication, I deliver clear, accurate, and beautifully crafted translations, specializing in the following areas:

Medical texts (including research studies, patient brochures, and drug information)

Government texts (including policy documents on medical and social issues such as disease prevention and control, obesity, and nutrition)

General business texts (including corporate communications, company magazines, brochures, press releases, and websites)

I live and work from home in Seattle, WA, which is nine hours earlier than the Netherlands. Since my workday is just starting as my European colleagues are finishing up theirs, I'm able to get a head start on tight deadlines.

For information regarding my availability, rates, and sample translations, please contact me by e-mail: tbiljum@gmail.com. I also invite you to have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

Tiffany Biljum